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Can Ash and Kyle buy Brax's safety

Ash manages to sneak into prison and agrees to smuggle drugs for Gunno in exchange for Brax's safety.

Leah is going out of her mind being at home and is desperate to go on the Canberra excursion, but Zac tells her no. Irene reluctantly lets Leah cover her shift at the Diner. However, Leah burns herself and seems vague after the incident, leaving Hannah worried.

Andy is under pressure after Kyle tells him the gym will lose its license unless he scores 90 per cent in his written exam. Spencer boasts about his antics, but is cut short when Chris finds out their father has been involved in a car crash.

Kat explains to Nate that she was previously involved with a colleague when an operation went wrong and ruined her reputation. Enamored by her confession, he kisses her but she pulls away.