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Can Dr S'avage help Sienna?

Dr S'avage finds Sienna on The Dog jetty and calls for help. Dylan tells Nico that he likes to wear women's clothes and, realising she's made a tragic mistake, rushes to be at her mum's side. Nico and Sienna make up but Sienna and Dr S'avage have already arranged for Nico to be taken into care temporarily. Nico begs not to be taken away from her mum.

Meanwhile, Porsche is alarmed when she finds out Reenie is getting out of prison next week. Lockie and Celine set up a jumble sale to make some quick cash, while Porsche agrees to do a drug run to Amsterdam for Trevor.

Cindy can see there's tension in Holly and Jason's relationship. When Jason comes to the flat to see his girlfriend, Cindy offers him a massage and tells him to take off his top… Cindy buys a pair of fluffy handcuffs from Celine and Lockie’s jumble sale and gives them to Jason. He meets Holly outside school and puts the cuffs on her before scooping her up into his arms, while Cindy looks on.

Also, Esther finds Kim crying outside the Magic Bean and is surprised when Kim tells her about Kath.