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Carmel realises the truth about Stacey!

Shabnam and Stacey nervously wait for Shabnam's pregnancy test and have mixed emotions when it turns out to be negative. Feeling guilty, Stacey persuades Shirley to let Shabnam see Jade, prompting Shirley to tell Shabnam she's willing to make an arrangement. After Kush learns that Shabnam took a pregnancy test, he argues with Stacey, angry she didn't tell him. Seeing the pair at odds, a suspicious Carmel visits Stacey, putting two-and-two together and realising Stacey's baby is Kush's...

The Mitchell household is tense, as Ben and Abi reveal they've decided to move out. After Kathy comes to blows with Phil over his treatment of Ben, a frustrated Sharon tells Phil she'll help him stop drinking. Determined to reunite the family, Sharon arranges a family Christmas card photo shoot in the Square. When Sharon realises Phil has been drinking again she is in a dilemma about whether to leave him or put up with seeing him drink.

Bobby is angry when Jane wants him to swap rooms with Kathy to give her more privacy. Meanwhile, Kim is confused by Vincent's angry reaction to her Christmas decorations. Claudette reveals that Vincent finds Christmas tough, as that's when his father died.

Also, Jean visits Stacey offering to take her shopping.