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Casualty spoilers: Connie’s killer mistake?

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) becomes visibly distressed at work in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Connie’s stress becomes more obvious in Casualty. Will anyone spot her addiction before something goes terribly wrong?

Warning: Contains spoilers about Casualty favourites Connie Beauchamp, Duffy Fairhead, Iain Dean and many more!

Connie reaches crisis point…

Fragile Connie Beauchamp’s anxiety is so overwhelming this week she’s unable to leave the ED and opts to spend the night in her office instead.

As exhausted Connie (Amanda Mealing) begins a new shift at the hospital her nerves are frayed and she’s secretly popping anti-anxiety medication yet finding it harder to cope.

Crisis point looms when a violent prison riot sees the ED overrun with injured guards and criminals. Meanwhile suspicious trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson turns up the heat. He constantly challenges and overrules Connie, determined to prove she’s making mistakes.

When a prisoner attacks the husband of a prison guard, Connie’s PTSD is triggered. It’s a perfect storm for the traumatised medic, who visibly begins to crumble. Soon afterwards distressed Connie, under intense pressure, asks for Duffy’s help in Resus.

Kind-hearted Duffy is determined to help reluctant prisoner Stan

Kind-hearted Duffy is determined to help reluctant prisoner Stan (Image credit: BBC)

Duffy, who’s living with dementia, is having a triumphant day, proving she’s still capable of providing valuable care, while leaving big clinical decisions to others…

Will a lapse in Connie’s concentration lead to disaster?

Iain’s new understanding

Paramedics Iain and Jan are unsure what awaits them at a prison riot

Paramedics Iain and Jan are unsure what awaits them at a prison riot (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

When a violent riot kicks off at Stonehurst prison, paramedic Iain Dean is unfazed by the chaos inside. Later, however, when called back to attend a young inmate who’s taken his own life, shocked Iain begins to understand the affects his own suicide attempt had on those who loved him…

Will he accept the support of co-workers Jan and Ruby?

Ciaran’s decisions to cause chaos?

Ciaran throws his weight around. Will Connie crack?

Ciaran throws his weight around. Will Connie crack? (Image credit: BBC)

With the ED swamped due to the fall out of the prison riot, Ciaran decides to beef up security at the department. This, however, causes him to clash with Connie and garner Charlie’s disapproval.

When it kicks off in Resus, will Ciaran be proved right?

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Meanwhile, the executive trouble-shooter keeps applying pressure to Connie, determined to gather proof that she’s making mistakes…

Also in Casualty this week…

Will Jacob provide Connie with the support she desperately needs when she begins to crumble in Resus?

Will Jacob provide Connie with the support she desperately needs? (Image credit: BBC)

Archie is also eager to catch Connie out and keeping a close eye on her superior.

Duffy doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to treating stubborn and self-depreciating patient Stan (played by Game of Thrones star Ian Gelder (opens in new tab))

Jan Jenning keeps a close eye on Iain when they’re recalled to Stonehurst prison after a young man takes his own life.

Jacob works closely with former lover Connie this week. He used to know her better than anyone. Will he clock how much she’s changed and is secretly suffering?

Casualty continues on Saturday on BBC1 at 8.30pm.

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