Casualty spoilers: Dylan exposes Lev? And will Jan die?

Dylan talking to Faith in the staff room. Is this the moment the Casuaty doctor reveals Lev's secret affair?
Faith's future in Dylan's hands. Is this the moment Dylan reveals Lev's secret affair in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a>? (Image credit: BBC)

The life of Casualty favourite Jan is in the balance while Dylan holds Faith and Lev’s future in his hands...

The insider's guide to what's coming up in this week's Casualty...

Warning: Spoilers about Casualty favourites Dylan, Faith, Lev, Jacob, Fenisha and Jan...

Dylan’s decision

Faith looking shocked with Dylan in Casualty

Chain reaction? Faith is shocked - but what has Dylan revealed? (Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty this week Doctor Dylan Keogh struggles to keep a lid on paramedic Lev Malinovsky’s shocking secret affair!

Unable to stomach Lev’s devoted husband routine Dylan (William Beck) thinks it’s time Faith knew exactly what her husband has been up to.

While working closely with Faith, Dylan breaks and decides to open the rusty can of worms that is her marriage...

Something tells us Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) won’t be swooning into smitten Dylan’s arms in thanks… And we can only imagine what Lev (Uriel Emil) might do!

Dylan squares up to Lev in Casualty

No love lost! Dylan squares up to Lev in Casualty... (Image credit: BBC)

Will Dylan spill the beans?

Jan’s life in Fenisha’s hands

Face to face. Fenisha and Jan in an underground tunnel

Fancy meeting you here! Jan shocks Fenisha (Image credit: BBC)

This week Fenisha is excited to rescue a local youth club group trapped in an old railway tunnel. Adding to the young paramedic’s joy is the fact that Jan is on holiday, so she can be as daring as she likes. But Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) is in for a shock...

When she abseils into the trapped group she comes face-to-face with her fiercest critic - Jan (Di Botcher) is the youth group leader, and it’s not long before they’re bickering!

Fenisha, under Jan’s watchful eye, manages to get all the teenagers lifted to safety. It’s only when they’re alone that the senior medic makes a shock confession… She was hurt when the tunnel collapsed and needs urgent medical care!

With Jan fighting for her life, can Fenisha save her?

Also in Casualty this week

Jacob turns detective with an MS patient in Casualty

Jacob Masters turns detective in Casualty. But will he get the clinical nurse manager role? (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob suspects the misdiagnosis of an MS patient, and Fenisha struggles to hide that she’s four months pregnant!

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 7.40pm on Saturday 15 August.

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