Casualty spoilers: Faith Cadogan reveals Lev’s secret!

Faith Cadogan at work in Casualty
Point break. Faith Cadogan confronts Lev and publicly reveals he's gay (Image credit: BBC)

Faith Cadogan outs Lev in Casualty this week, and Marty Kirkby learns some painful home truths…

Faith Cadogan can't do right for doing wrong in Casualty this week. From betraying Lev to meddling in patients' lives, the hurting medic has a shocking shift!

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Faith Cadogan, Lev Malinovsky, Iain Dean, Jan Jenning, Marty Kirkby, Dylan Keogh, Jacob Masters, Fenisha Khatri and more…

Faith Cadogan reaches breaking point

Faith Cadogan struggles with being blamed for the breakdown of her marriage in Casualty this week. The stressed nurse eventually unravels and blurts out husband Lev Malinovsky's deepest secret!

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) has been putting on a brave face while keeping Lev’s shock affair with mystery man Xander a secret from their three children and work colleagues. At home, however, Faith is enemy number one in the eyes of her daughters, Natalia and Ana, who know about her fling with doctor Dylan Keogh!

Despite Faith ending her affair with Dylan (William Beck) Faith’s daughters solely blame their mum for destroying the family. Meanwhile Lev (Uriel Emil) is content to play happy families with their children, remaining adamant he doesn’t want a divorce and that he’s not gay.

Faith Cadogan outs Lev

Lev is stunned by Faith's outburst in Casualty

Lev is shocked and devastated by Faith's outburst in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

This week, feeling alone and upset, Faith throws herself into work, but it’s not long before her personal life spills over into the ED...

After Lev reveals the girls are cancelling their plans with Faith to have dinner with him instead, Faith loses her temper. While their co-workers look on speechless, Faith accuses Lev of becoming bitter because he’s in denial about his sexuality...

Faith Cadogan sacked?

Devastated Lev races off, and senior nurse manager Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) calls Faith into his office. With her family life in pieces, is the unhappy nurse about to lose her job too?

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Marty discovers painful home truths

Marty is shocked and angry when he discovers Bibi's botched operation

Marty's mission. Shocked and angry about Bibi's botched operation, Marty seeks justice (Image credit: BBC)

Nurse Marty Kirkby and his mum Bibi have a lot of catching up to do when they meet up this week. But when Bibi (Honour’s Fisun Burgess) collapses in agony Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) discovers his mum’s the victim of a shocking medical procedure!

Bibi opens up to kindly Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) about years of suffering, which led her to get a vaginal mesh procedure from a private clinic.

As Bibi’s condition deteriorates Marty vows to make those responsible pay!

Iain confronts Ross

Ross shocks Iain with an awful proposal in Casualty

Ross shocks Iain with an awful proposal in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Iain Dean’s on a mission to free close friend Jan from her drug smuggling obligations!

This week Iain (Michael Stevenson) pays a visit to his sworn enemy and Jan’s dealer son, Ross, in prison. Things quickly turn nasty and Ross issues Iain with a shocking ultimatum… Take Jan's place, or else!

Has a bad situation just become worse?

Also in Casualty this week

Rash and Tina look on in shock in Casualty. What's shaken them?

Rash and Tina look on in shock in Casualty. What's shaken them? (Image credit: BBC)

Fenisha’s first day back at work is fraught with difficult cases, plus devastating secrets and lies. After a shocking revelation Fenisha loses her temper with Tina!

Jacob must make a difficult decision when one of his best nurses breaks the department’s code of conduct.

Rash faces a difficult case, which is made worse by a meddling colleague.

And Dylan Keogh gives Marty and Jade an impromptu but expert lesson in vaginal mesh procedures.

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC on Saturday 17 April 2021 at 8.30pm

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