Casualty spoilers: Jacob Masters says an emotional goodbye to his mum

Jacob Masters looks mournful as he prepares to say goodbye to his mum in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty this week Jacob and Omo say their last goodbye, and battle lines are drawn between Connie and Ciaran – will there be collateral damage?

Warning: Contains Casualty spoilers about Jacob Masters!

Jacob says a sad farewell to his mum

Heart broken Jacob wants his mum to have more treatment. Will Dylan and David support him?

Heart broken Jacob wants his mum to have more treatment. Will Dylan and David support him? (Image credit: BBC)

After months of turmoil nurse Jacob Masters is faced with the inevitable as his mum, Omo, tragically begins to succumb to the final stages of pancreatic cancer.

This week when Omo falls and breaks her hip doctor Dylan Keogh has further bad news – the cancer has spread to her bones and it would be best to make her comfortable. Yet Jacob (Charles Venn) isn’t ready to say goodbye.

Last week Omo (Ellen Thomas) revealed Jacob’s father didn’t die when he was a child. With time running out and so many questions, Jacob tries to persuade Omo to undergo treatment to prolong her life….

Jacob was a child carer for his schizophrenic mum. Having been estranged for years, they recently reconciled under difficult circumstances. This week, as they begin to open up and share tender memories, broken-hearted Jacob agrees to honour Omo’s wishes and bring her home to die.

Will Jacob get answers in Omo’s final hours?

Connie and Ciaran gather their troops! #Carchie #Wonnie

Connie (centre) pits WIll and Archie against each other

Connie (centre) pits Will and Archie against each other (Image credit: BBC)

Having been stitched up by Connie Beauchamp and blamed for a mistake she didn’t commit, registrar Archie Hudson realises something isn’t right with the clinical lead and considers her options.

Meanwhile, Connie’s campaign to undermine Archie continues, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson. Connie (Amanda Mealing) quietly warns consultant Will Noble that Archie is making mistakes and worth keeping an eye on…

Later, when Archie (Genesis Lynea) loses her temper, Connie’s quick to let everyone know who’s the boss. Seeing no other way of dealing with the issue, Archie turns to Ciaran (Rick Warden). Can they hatch a credible plan to expose Connie?

Also this week…

Ciaran has his eye on Connie. How far will Connie and Ciaran go to gain control of the ED?

Ciaran has his eye on Connie. How far will Connie and Ciaran go to gain control of the ED? (Image credit: BBC)

In touching scenes Jacob’s friends and colleagues rally around him and Omo in their time of need.

The department is two nurses down and stretched to its limits. But Ciaran, seeing the silver lining, uses it as an excuse to be ever more present on the ED floor.

Meanwhile, Connie reveals something she shouldn’t to someone she shouldn’t!

Will Noble (Jack Nolan) finds himself caught in the crossfire between Connie and Archie.

Later, Archie is attacked by a violent patient. Which members of the team will support her and will alliances shift?

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