Casualty Spoilers: Rash in poison shock!

Shocked Rash thinks he knows what's making Ollie ill
Rash believes he's solved a medical mystery - but opens a can of worms in the process... (Image credit: BBC)

Rash Masum reaches a sinister conclusion in Casualty. Elsewhere Ethan Hardy tragically drops baby Bodhi...

There are a series of shocking showdowns in Casualty this week.

First between David Hide and Rash Masum, then Fenisha and Ethan, and finally between David and his wife, Rosa!

Warning: Spoilers about Rash Masum, David Hide, Fenisha Khatri, Ethan Hardy, and many more Casualty favourites… 

Casualty doctor Rash reaches a sinister conclusion

Rosa looking shifty. What is she hiding from David?

Rosa seems shifty about why she missed her morning shift. What is she hiding from David? (Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty this Saturday David Hide’s son Ollie (Harry Collett) is readmitted to the ED suffering from mystery symptoms. This time Ollie has been brought in by a teacher after becoming seriously ill at school.

Jacob Masters appoints Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) to Ollie’s care, while David Hide (Jason Durr) is frantic with worry, as he can’t get hold of his wife, Rosa.

When Rosa (Jacey Salles) does turn up, she lies about being on a training course. The couple spend the day bickering over Ollie, adding enormously to the teenager’s stress.

Meanwhile, with Ollie’s tests coming back clear, Rash turns detective and does some digging into the Hide household’s habits…

Later, after running some toxicology tests and consulting Matthew Afolami (Osi Okerafor), Rash reaches an unsettling and sinister conclusion.

Is Ollie being poisoned by someone close to him? 

David Hide attacks Rash - and then Rosa!

David Hide furiously points his finger at Rash during an explosive confrontation in Casualty

David Hide doesn't like the answer to his questions about Ollie and turns on Rash! (Image credit: BBC)

With emotions running sky-high between David and Rosa, the worried father puts pressure on Rash to find out what is wrong with Ollie.

And, as the day progresses, David begins to realise there’s something Rash isn’t telling him. 

Desperate for answers David pushes Rash into letting slip what he suspects, resulting in an explosive confrontation.

Incandescent, scared and shocked, when David later spots Rosa about to give Ollie some water he loses his composure. 

There’s an intense showdown between the couple, as Rash and Ollie look on helplessly…

Fenisha begs Ethan to tell the truth

Ethan hides his pain behind a big smile in Casualty

Not even a TARDIS can help Ethan evade Fenisha's questions in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Ethan Hardy is living in a private hell. He suspects the symptoms of his Huntington’s disease are progressing, and recently was unable to treat a patient due to involuntary tremors in his hand. 

This week Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima) suspects all is not well when Ethan (George Rainsford) drops their baby!

Frantic Fenisha rushes Bodhi to the ED so her paediatrician boyfriend Matthew can check if he’s okay.

Meanwhile, Ethan puts the accident down to Bodhi wriggling out of his grasp. Fenisha, however, is not buying his story, as she saw what happened! 

Once Bodhi is given the all-clear by ED paediatrician Matthew, worried Fenisha confronts Ethan and demands the truth. 

Will Ethan come clean about his health fears?

Also in Casualty this week…

Fenisha turns to Matthew when Ethan drops Bodhi in Casualty

Fearful: Fenisha turns to Matthew when Ethan drops Bodhi in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Jan Jenning quizzes Fenisha on her relationships. How long have you got Jan?

Jacob Masters accidentally causes trouble between David and Rosa when he reveals she took the morning off. It’s the start of what turns out to be a pivotal day for the couple… But just where did Rosa go?

Ethan is horrified when he learns Fenisha risked life and limb to save a baby trapped in a collapsing building, resulting in a furious row about their future.

Will she realise why he keeps pushing her towards Matthew?

And, as if Rash hasn't had enough excitement for one day, he betrays a confidence with far-reaching effects!

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 June 12 2021 at 9.25pm - see our TV Guide for listings. 

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