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Caz walks in on Kate and Sophie kissing!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

When Sophie overhears Michelle telling Liz that Kate has cancelled the hen night, she finds Kate in her flat and offers her a comforting hug. Upset, Caz tells Michelle and Aidan that Kate has cancelled their wedding and she’s convinced Sophie’s behind her decision. As Sophie and Kate kiss, Caz lets herself into the flat and is shocked at Kate’s betrayal.

Reminding Tim that they’ve a dinner that evening with a fellow councillor, Sally orders him to be on his best behaviour.  But as Tim hides in the Rovers, Sally meets up with Gerald and Anne alone to discuss the Freshco development.

Realising she needs to win Robert’s trust, Tracy agrees to help out at the Bistro. So when Robert says they’re short of a potwasher, Tracy buries her pride and gets stuck in.

Having just landed a new contract, Aidan offers Eva her old job back. Chris tells Mary and Eva that he’s glad he’s met Amy’s beautiful mother Liz. Amused, Mary and Eva promise to keep Liz’s secret safe and that she should take up Chris's offer of a date.