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Charlie is in trouble in Neighbours

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours

Charlie is in danger when Clive catches him looking in his Ute

Amy asks Paige if she’s having a fling with Tyler to get back at Jack. Enraged, Paige confronts Jack but soon reliases that his bloodied hand was caused by him punching a wall. She urges him to admit he made the wrong decision by sticking with the priesthood but he refuses.

Paul urges Gary to keep Terese distracted so that he convince Amber to hand over Matilda’s proxy vote to him. Terese tells Madison about how much fun she had with Gary on her date when Paul shows up not only to tell her that she no longer has Matilda’s vote, but that Gary set her up. Later, Paul suspects Gary has genuine feelings for Terese and threatens to call his parole officer if he’s caught helping her again.

Mark realises that someone has deliberately let the snakes loose and Charlie spies Clive throwing something into a skip. But Charlie’s in danger when Clive catches him looking in his Ute at the same sort of brick that was thrown through the Rebecchi Law’s window.