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Child Genius

Richard Osman joins the search for the UK’s brightest child
(Image credit: Stephen Wells)

Richard Osman joins the search for the UK's brightest child

Richard Osman adds fun as the quizmaster this year, but as always, it's the kids who are the stars of the show all about brainpower. Meet delightful Mog, a fan of languages and sheep (!), who wants to prove you don't need pushy parents – in fact, his mum and dad seem bemused by (and proud of) their remarkable boy. Elsewhere, determined dad Simon has scrutinised every old episode to help maths-whiz son Christopher, while ice-skater Sophia is being advised by brother Curtis, a former contestant. As the children demonstrate their maths skills and undergo a devilish memory test involving the currencies of 120 countries, who will go on to the next round?