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Claudette turns her back on Vincent

Vincent confronts Ronnie thinking she sent him the pig’s head, but it’s soon clear she’s not to blame. When Vincent returns home he finds a delivery truck trying to drop off an order of turf that no one in the house ordered. Calming Claudette’s suspicions, Vincent insists everything is under control. After Vincent is attacked by two masked men, Claudette demands the truth. Forced to confess he’s a police informant, Vincent is devastated when an outraged Claudette tells him he’s no longer her son.

Mick can’t work out what’s up with a stressed Linda. Matters aren’t helped when Cora turns up in the Vic and is soon arguing with Babe. When Cora brings up what happened in Ramsgate, Linda forces the truth out of Babe and is horrified to learn she was ‘selling’ babies. Realising that Mick already knew, Linda is even more angry that he kept if from her, throwing Babe out of the Vic. Meanwhile, Babe has received a Christmas card from Queenie Trott...

Denise invites Shirley and Kathy for drinks but there’s an awkward atmosphere. When Shirley and Kathy find out that Denise is considering visiting Lucas in prison, they are suddenly united, attempting to convince her not to go.