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Connie in killer car crash!

Steph and Connie
Steph and Connie <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> (Image credit: BBC)

Tragedy strikes when Connie Beauchamp and her daughter Grace are involved in an horrific car crash. Will they get out alive?

Connie and Jacob resolve to tell Grace their romance is back on. But before they get a chance, Grace returns early from a sleepover at her friend Carmel’s - and she’s not happy!

But there’s no time to pout, as Carmel has had an accident and she needs Connie’s medical expertise at once! However, after Carmel’s brought to the ED a sinister secret worms its way out. The young girl is malnourished and has been self-harming due to far-reaching psychological abuse at the hands of her controlling mother Steph.

Social Services are called in, and seething Steph goes after Connie and Grace in revenge. She chases them in her car as they’re driving around a ravine and her recklessness causes the mother and daughter to plunge off the side of a cliff…

As the tragic truth about Carmel’s home life emerges, Connie and Grace are involved in an horrific car crash… Will they get out alive?

Also this week, Lily is forced to confront her bullying past when junior doctor Alicia Monroe (Chelsea Halfpenny (opens in new tab)) turns up as a locum in the ED. Cunning Charlie arranges for them to work together and the pair bury the hatchet, while admitting they’ll never be friends. Alicia also decides to stay on at Holby and finishes her placement there.

Chelsea Halfpenny

Alicia Munroe's smile hides her nerves. How will she react when she sees Lily? (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap

When Robyn’s ex Glen is admitted, at first the staff think he’s drunkenly injured himself. But the sad truth emerges – Glen has brain cancer. After a moving heart-to-heart Robyn and Glen decide to give the relationship another go.

Elsewhere, the staff busy themselves preparing for Charlie’s surprise 30th work anniversary party, not realising Connie and Grace have plunged off a cliff in Connie’s car….

Casualty returns to BBC1 on August 27th with a feature-length 30th Anniversary special.

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Elaine Reilly
Elaine Reilly

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