Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor has a big question for Peter…

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor has a big question for Peter…

Carla Connor tells Peter that she wants to get their relationship back on track.

Coronation Street's Carla Connor tells Peter she has turned Jo’s job offer down and then explains to him that she wants her boyfriend back not a carer. Can Peter really pick up when they left off or have things progressed too far?

Dev falls out with Evelyn and she’s not afraid to tell him exactly what she thinks of him.

Coronation Street, Dev, Evelyn

Evelyn has some harsh words for Dev when the pair fall out

A devastated Emma is told that her ‘dad’ has died. In the Rovers Audrey tells Liz that Emma’s mum is Fiona and that her dad is not her dad. As Claudia and Audrey do the maths they realise that Steve could be Emma’s dad! They resolve not to tell Liz.

Robert is playing a dangerous game when he discovers that Vicky is on her way to Weatherfield, will he intercept her in time before she spills the beans to Michelle?

Nick and the factory girls tells Sarah her dislike for Gary is putting all their jobs in danger. It’s clear it’s time she backed down and she shakes hands with Nick, agreeing to run the factory together and pay the rent to investor Derek. Meanwhile, Mary vows to get to the bottom of what is troubling Asha.

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.

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