Coronation Street spoilers: Emotional Daniel Osbourne kisses Bethany!

Coronation Street spoilers: Emotional Daniel Osbourne kisses Bethany!

Daniel Osbourne confuses Bethany for Sinead and the pair embrace

In the second episode of Coronation Street tonight (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Daniel Osbourne tells Bethany to put her wet clothes in the dryer and use Sinead’s dressing gown.

Waking from a nap he thinks he can see Sinead and in his emotional state, Daniel confuses Bethany for Sinead. Kissing her tenderly he asks her to stay, will Bethany agree or will she realised that Daniel has mistaken her for Sinead?

Coronation Street spoilers: Emotional Daniel Osbourne kisses Bethany!

Daniel embraces the ghost of Sinead when he sees Bethany in her dressing gown

Sally rails at Tim for failing to face up to his mistakes and by telling a pack of lies which has only made matters worse. However when Tim reveals he’s confessed all to the police, Sally’s furious and accuses him of making everything doubly worse. Meanwhile, Charlie react to the news that Tim is a bigamist…

Steve and Tracy find themselves railroaded into attending Ken’s book club as part of their relationship building exercise.

Steve and Tracy in Coronation Street

Bored Steve and Tracy try to make it through Ken's book club

When Michael hires Geoff to perform some magic tricks at Tiana’s birthday party, Yasmeen remarks that he’s a bit rusty. Geoff seethes. Returning from the meeting, Yasmeen tells Geoff it’s made her realise she doesn’t have an alcohol problem.

Incensed, Geoff cracks open a bottle of wine and forces her to knock it back. Peter calls to check on Yasmeen and is concerned when Geoff claims it’s done more harm than good and she’s started drinking again! Will Peter smell a rat?

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