Coronation Street spoilers: Is it time up for Gary Windass?

Coronation Street spoilers: Is it time up for Gary Windass?

Gary Windass is shocked to discover Bernie has Rick’s watch

In tonight's only episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) the evidence mounts against Gary Windass

Brian is annoyed that Bernie found a watch in the woods and sold it to Sarah for £50 without splitting the money with him.

Meanwhile, Gary Windass goes to apologise to Brian and Cathy but panics when Brian tells him Bernie found a watch in the woods…

Coronation Street spoilers: Is it time up for Gary Windass?

Pub gossip gets Gary hot and bothered...

Yasmeen wakes up in hospital, where Alya explains that she’s had a heart attack but assures her she’s going to be fine and the trial has been postponed.

In the Kabin Elaine is sad to hear about Yasmeen’s heart attack and also that Geoff’s son Tim believes his dad’s side of the story.

Yasmeen wakes up in hospital

The trial is posponed after Yasmeen's heart attack

Ed explains to Abi that Aggie’s had to get the bus to work as their car won’t start.

Abi tells Ed Aggie can use Kevin’s car until it’s fixed, since the neighbourhood is hugely grateful to her for putting herself on the front line at the hospital. Ed’s touched.

Mary gives an enthusiastic rendition of Grazie Roma from the upstairs window of No.11 until Sean yells at her to pack in her Italian balcony singing.

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