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Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster gives Sophie and Paula his blessing


Kevin Webster takes Tim’s advice and finally forgives Paula

Coronation Street's Kevin Webster refuses to forgive and forget and makes it clear that Paula’s not welcome at No.13. But after some wise words from Tim he relents and tells Sophie that if Paula makes her happy then he’s not going to stand in their way.

As they wait at the hospital for the doctor, Vicky proudly tells Robert that Tyler has been invited to the Youth Foundation Awards. Robert calls Michelle and makes out he’s at the wholesalers.

As the doctor confirms Vicky is suffering from gallstones and the baby is fine, Vicky cries tears of relief while Robert promises that from now on she’s his main priority.

Robert Preston, Vicky, Coronation Street

Robert Preston is relieved when the doctor confirms Vicky is suffering from gallstones and the baby is fine (Picture: ITV)

Alina tells Seb she’s grateful to Rachel for her job and home and she’s hoping that once her debt is paid off she’ll be able to send money home to her family. As she begs Seb to keep her secret he’s horrified to realise that Rachel and her husband are people trafficking.

She urges Seb to forget about her before he gets hurt but Seb’s adamant he’s going nowhere. As he lurks outside the nail bar Seb’s shocked to see Jan emerge. Confronting Jan, Seb demands to know what he’s doing there… When Brian reveals that someone has stolen a tree from Victoria Gardens, Chesney realises with heavy heart that someone must be Bernie and he goes to tackle his ‘mother-in-law’.

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