Coronation Street spoilers: Paul Foreman attacks Kel!

PAul Foreman in Coronation Street fight wih Kel

Paul Foreman snaps when he finally sees Kel for what he really is

Summer’s thrilled that Paul Foreman stayed over but Billy explains he just needed somewhere to crash. Paul calls at No.5 and showing Kel the photo, explains how Billy reckons he’s a victim of sexual grooming.

Having assured Paul that was never the case and they loved each other, Kel urges him to tell Billy that nothing happened between them. Later, Billy’s concerned to find Paul drowning his sorrows in the Rovers especially when he makes it clear he doesn’t want to discuss why.

A drunk Paul confronts Kel in the ginnel and tries to kiss him but Kel pushes him away and Paul realises with horror that Kel only fancied him as a young boy. Seeing red, Paul punches Kel, knocking him unconscious.

Paul Foreman attack Kel

Paul confronts Kel in the ginnel but sees red hen he realises the truth about their relationship

Adam offers Ryan a wad of cash to come clean and admit Gary beat him up. Although sorely tempted, Ryan sticks to his story. Sarah arrives back from Milan and is horrified to hear that Ryan’s been beaten up and Adam suspects Gary is the culprit.

Sarah confronts Ryan but he sticks to his story, claiming Adam offered him money to pin it on Gary.

Sarah confronts Ryan in the Rovers

Sarah confronts Ryan in the rovers

As Jade serves breakfast, Evelyn eyes her suspiciously while a delighted Fiz tells Tyrone that she’s accepted Gary’s offer of a job at the furniture shop.

Meanwhile, Evelyn quietly lets herself into No.9 and catches Jade rifling through the drawers. What is she up to?

Asha begs Dev for some extra pocket money but he tells her it’s time she earned her money. Dragging a reluctant Asha into the kebab shop, Dev tells Cathy that she will be doing some shifts.

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