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Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston crashes his car - will he die?!

Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston crashes his car!
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Will Robert Preston survive when he loses control of his car?

Michelle warns Alya to watch herself with Ray and ensure he makes no advances in Monday's first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). A furious Ray covers when questioned by Alya before issuing Michelle with a letter for breach of contract and defamation. Meanwhile, Robert Preston tries to placate Tyler over the Amy situation, but as he is driving home from Vicky’s he is distracted by a call from Michelle telling him about Ray and crashes his car. The marketing manager from Frescho approaches Gemma and Chesney and asks if they and the quads would like to be the face of the supermarket. Will the couple agree?

Gemma and Chesney in Coronation Street

Will Gemma and Chesney agree to be the new face of Fresco?

Roy explains that his obsession with the online Scrabble comes from the fact that he believes his online playing partner is his brother, and he has suddenly disappeared in the middle of a game.

Emma approaches Dr Gaddas and begs her to go easy on Ali at the meeting. Maria backs her up, pointing out it was one stupid mistake but Dr Gaddas gives nothing away and heads off. Elsewhere, Yasmeen implores Geoff to come with her to Vegas, but he heads out without bothering to reply leaving her upset.