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Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper smells a rat at Rosemary’s séance

Roy Cropper is upset when Rosemary claims claims to be in contact with Hayley and Alma.
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Roy Cropper and Gail attend a séance and while Gail’s all ears Roy is left feeling angry at her lies.

Rosemary conducts a séance in the presence of Gail and a sceptical Roy Cropper. When she claims to be in contact with Hayley and Alma, Gail’s impressed whilst Roy’s upset and shares his concerns with Audrey, convinced Rosemary’s a con-merchant and there must be a rational explanation for her knowledge. Gail agrees to attend Rosemary’s psychic event at church tomorrow and Audrey insists on coming with her.

Antoine dupes Rosie into thinking he’s no longer a dealer but working undercover for the police and needs her help. Antoine pins an MP3 player to Rosie making out it’s a wire connecting her to the police and instructs her to wait for Alan and hand over the drugs. Is Rosie in trouble?

After their dog training session, Sharon gives Kirk a bag of her ex husband’s old clothes. Steve begs Robert not to tell Tracy about his pass at Michelle.

Second episode of the evening.