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Coronation Street spoilers: Will Michelle Connor say 'I do' to Robert?

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Michelle Connor say “I do” to Robert?

Will Michelle Connor have a change of heart and go through with the wedding?

The big day arrives and Michelle Connor confides in Carla that she’s excited to expose the truth about Robert in Wednesday's first episode of Coronation Street (see our TV Guide for full listings). But when Robert reads out his own heartfelt vows, will she be able to go through with her plan to destroy him and her relationship?

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Michelle Connor say “I do” to Robert?

Michelle Connor listens to Robert's vows patiently waiting to read out her own...

Sean is unimpressed that Billy has decided not to put Christmas decorations up in support of Paul, as they trigger awful memories of Kel. Paul feels nervous about the upcoming police interview, but when David opens up about his own ordeal with Josh he reconsiders. Paul later returns to work and leaves the factory staff speechless when he admits that the police want to talk to him about being abused as a child.

Paul and the factory staff

Paul tells the factory staff about his past

Chesney and Ken both try to support Daniel but he is quick to dismiss them so he can get back to Sinead’s videos. Although he clearly wants to be left alone, Ken refuses to take the hint and sets about making them both a sandwich.

Emma’s hurt when Seb turns down her offer of tea and would rather meet a mate in town. He later confides in Eileen that he’s bought Iron Maiden tribute band ‘Bryan Maiden’ tickets for Emma.