Countryfile Ramble - BBC1

Anita Rani with fellow ramblers

Now an institution, Countryfile Ramble's latest annual walk for Children in Need pulls its boots on and heads for the hills

In an extended special, tonight’s Countryfile Ramble follows the ever-intrepid presenting team as they all put best foot forward for BBC Children in Need (Sunday, 5pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

The Countryside Ramble at the start of the walk

And they're off! The Ramble gets underway

Hoping to build on the impressive £6.2m raised for the charity since the rambles began in 2015, John Craven can be seen revelling in the scenery at Scone Palace in Scotland, while Matt Baker enjoys The Ridgeway in Wiltshire.

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Meanwhile, Anita Rani pulls on her walking boots to explore the North Cornish coastline. She gave TV Times a couple of her walking top tips, like investing in a comfortable pair of boots – "Mine are like best friends now they're worn in.

"Even a decent pair of trainers on a dry day will be fine – don’t be put off thinking you need expensive kit."

But what about blisters? "When I climbed Kilimanjaro, we were told that the minute you start feeling something hot on your foot, don’t wait for the blister to emerge – put a plaster on it straight away to stop the rubbing."

She also recommends taking a decent waterproof: "Yet, as much as I love the great outdoors, I refuse to wear waterproof trousers. Even outdoor clothes have to have a bit of style!"

And don't forget fuel, starting with a hearty breakfast: "I like porridge, nuts and honey," says Anita.

"Remember, you’ll be walking off the calories so don’t worry about loading up, and take energy- boosting snacks, such as bananas and dried fruit. I always say a ramble’s a good excuse for chocolate for when you tire and need a lift."

And to remind us all what all this hiking is in aid of, joining Anita on her North Cornwall walk is a special 12-year-old called Cara, who reveals how a Children in Need-funded project helped her cope with losing her elder sister, Elle, last year.

TV Times rating: ****