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Darren's peeping tom photos shock the school

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd)

Darren is caught in the corridor taking pictures of female pupils, and everyone's disgusted with what is discovered on his phone. He has taken shocking photographs from the changing rooms, and everyone is understandably confused and shocked.

Meanwhile, Dynasty is getting ready to go to her interview. She goes to see Kevin beforehand, and he wishes her luck. At the interview, she seems to do really well. However, it seems her family's past has caught up with her and the interviewers tell her that she's just like her criminal father. It looks as though her future career is no more.

Plus, George is looking at selling his mum's old house, and when Carol sees the value of it, she realises that her boyfriend is sitting on a fortune.

Christine goes to visit Darren's mother to speak to her about what her son has been up to. However, she is shocked to see that she is working as a prostitute and that his home life is troubled. She gets on the phone as she thinks he needs serious help.

Later, Dynasty discovers that Barry is part of an illegal immigration ring as he helps smuggle people into the country. She's terrified about what will happen to him, and begs him to go to the police. But he won't listen.