David ditches his meds!

David Casualty
David (Jason Durr) makes a life-changing decision... (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Nurse David Hide completely stops his Bipolar medication. Will he regret his decision?

ED nurse David Hide brings his young son Ollie to work to give him a day to remember. Sadly, this isn’t a random day of fun. David’s desperate for quality time together, as Ollie’s mum Rosa wants him to live in Spain with her and has booked a flight for that night!

During his shift David, who suffers from Bipolar Disorder and has been reducing his medication for months, starts behaving oddly. He promises Ollie he can stay in Holby, buys them matching day-glo trainers and, uncharacteristically, loses his temper with Dr Elle Gardner!

David (Jason Durr) convinces everyone he’s fine but Ollie knows the signs and promises to take care of his ill dad. Realising he can’t put Ollie through that ordeal David bravely sends his son to Spain.

After waving goodbye to Ollie, heartbroken David decides he prefers feeling emotions, however painful, to being numb and medicated. He flushes his pills down the toilet…

David & Ollie

David (Jason Durr) has sad news for son Ollie (Harry Collett) (C) BBC / Alistair Heap (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Elsewhere, Iain’s little sister Gem (Rebecca Ryan) starts her first day on the hospital tea trolley. She struggles to give customers the correct change and later confides in big brother Iain her schooling suffered, as she spent her childhood looking after their alcoholic mother. With Gem on the verge of quitting her new job, Iain promises to help her.

Its clear Gem has a straight-talking but naturally kind and caring side when serving vulnerable patients. Could she have a gift for nursing?

Also this week, when a hoard of football fans use ED beds to sleep off the booze, Dr Dylan and nurse Louise implore Sam to let them start a ‘Booze Bus’. Sam arranges for them to pitch the idea to the hospital board, but with little chance to prepare, Dylan’s presentation is a disaster!

Fortunately Louise steps in and saves the day. She courageously takes the hospital bigwigs around the ED and shows them seriously ill patients on trolleys in hallways covered in vomit from the drunken revellers. They get their Booze Bus, which hopes to ease the overrun ED.


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