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David lies to protect their dark secret

In a desperate attempt to put Gail off the scent, David tells her that Kylie’s back on the drugs as Kylie stares at him in disbelief. Nick tells David he’s heard about Kylie’s drug problem and he’ll do anything he can to help. Later, David hugs Kylie and assures her that given time, the memory of Callum will fade and their marriage will get back to normal. 

When Tony calls in the corner shop looking for wine to impress Liz, Erica tells him to stay away from her friend. And later Amy makes veiled digs at Liz about Tony. Meanwhile Liz is consumed with guilt over the impact Tony’s presence has had on Steve.

Robert encourages Ken to follow his heart and stop worrying what other people think. But when Tracy returns home to find Ken entertaining Nessa again, she’s furious and makes it clear she’s not welcome.

Luke and Michael offer to help Tyrone to transform the street into Lapland. Eileen warns Erica she needs to watch Dev as he clearly fancies her.