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Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt threatens to stop Gail seeing the kids

Coronation Street Spoilers: David Platt threatens to stop Gail seeing the children
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

David's behaviour becomes even more erratic when he threatens Gail in the cafe after discovering Shona has seen the kids.

David is furious to discover Emma and the other girls giggling about a picture of him on Josh’s social media. Whilst Gail is helping Roy at the cafe Max and Lily sneak upstairs to the flat to see Shona. When David finds out they have spent time with her he says Gail can’t look after the children any more if she lets them see Shona. Gail confides in Sarah that she is worried about David.

Eileen chats to Abi on Maxine’s bench and offers her the hand of friendship and agrees to let her stay the night. Meanwhile, in the backyard of number 11 someone removes the spare key from under the plant pot.

Rana tells Kate she is not going to report her parents to the police. Aidan offers a delighted Summer some work experience at the factory.