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Doctors spoilers: Ayesha Lee and Leo Tomas go on a Selfie Scavenge!

Doctors, Leo Tomas, Ayesha Lee
(Image credit: BBC)

After their litter picking date, Ayesha Lee and Leo go on another themed date - this time involving a selfie scavenger hunt in the park!

Surgery nurse Ayesha Lee's new romance with social worker Leo Tomas certainly got off to an unusual start, with the pair going litter picking in the park for their first official date.

So when it comes time for Ayesha to choose an activity for their second date, she signs the couple up for a Selfie Scavenger Hunt in the park, complete with prizes! But as Ayesha and Leo race around the park, taking selfies with various items, the date takes an unexpected turn when Leo suddenly asks Ayesha if she wants to have children. Awkward!

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Dr Sid Vere gets ready for minor surgery training with his colleague Dr Heston Carter. But Sid admits to fellow doc, Emma Reid, that he's dreading the session with infamous know-it-all Heston! But little does Sid know that Heston is determined to prove him wrong by being the perfect student for the afternoon.

However, when the course tutor Andy Wallington offers Heston some well-meaning advice, will haughty Heston be able to resist snapping back?

Meanwhile, Dr Jimmi Clay finds himself helping university cleaner Donna Jenner with her nerves ahead of an important interview. Can he calm her down?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One.