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Doctors spoilers: Gordon Clement proposes to Mrs Tembe!

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Gordon Clement
(Image credit: BBC)

Marry me! Gordon pops the question to Mrs Tembe - but is it for real or just to give their snooping friends something more to gossip about?

Despite Mrs Tembe's unhappy past break-up with Gordon Clement, surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman is convinced the pair have a second chance for love. Especially after Gordon arrived at the surgery armed with a big bunch of flowers for Mrs Tembe.

Karen Hollins is not so convinced when Valerie becomes convinced Gordon is taking Mrs Tembe out to a nice restaurant in Letherbridge because he is going to propose! But could she be correct?

When Karen and Valerie sneak along to the restaurant to spy on the pair they are excited to see Mrs Tembe and Gordon looking very lovey-dovey! But could the couple just be putting on a show to give the spies something more to gossip about?

However, later in the evening, once they've given Karen and Valerie the slip, Gordon produces a ring and gets down on one knee to ask Mrs Tembe a very important question...

Elsewhere, Al Haskey helps Alia Hanif prepare for her interview for medical school. Al asks some super-challenging questions and Alia has to think fast on her feet. But what will the verdict be? Will Al decide Alia has made the grade?

Doctors, Sid Vere, Cindy Mayling

Will Sid get passionate with a patient's girlfriend? (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Sid Vere is keen to put his one-night stand with colleague Zara Carmichael behind him. But could the doc be taking on more than he can handle when he makes a move on the flirty Cindy Mayling at The Icon bar... only to discover she's the girlfriend of one of his patients. Whoops!

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