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Doctors spoilers: Will Daniel and Zara's surgery takover plans be ruined?

Scheming medic Zara does her best to convince work colleague Emma not to become an official partner at The Mill

It looks like Daniel and Zara's plans to take over the surgery are scuppered now co-worker Emma has decided she's interested in replacing Jimmi as the third partner at the practice.

However, the power-crazy couple are not beaten yet, as Zara treats Emma to a day out at a spa and does her best to poison Emma's mind against becoming a partner. Zara, though, hasn't counted on Mrs Tembe joining them for their ladies' day out. Mrs Tembe is onto Zara's scheming and tries to point out to Emma all the positives about becoming a partner! Who will Emma believe?

Meanwhile, away from The Mill, Ruhma is still busy trying to get the scoop on her teenage daughter Alia's new boyfriend, Tariq. Ruhma thinks Alia should be concentrating on her A-Levels and not dating boys. But will Ruhma's snooping into her daughter's personal life end up pushing Alia away?

Find out in Doctors from Monday 4th June at 1:45pm on BBC 1