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Doctors spoilers: Jimmi Clay and Al Haskey play a prank on Daniel Granger

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Al Haskey

Dr Jimmi Clay and Dr Al Haskey target their colleague and future Shopping Channel presenter Dr Daniel Granger for some mischief!

Since Dr Daniel Granger has accepted a job offer to promote his Michel 7 Skincare range on the TXR Shopping Channel, his colleagues Dr Jimmi Clay and Dr Al Haskey offer to "help" Daniel prepare for his exciting new role on live TV.

While receptionist Valerie Pitman offers to be a model and Daniel's wife Zara poses as his co-presenter, Jimmi and Al offer to feed Daniel instructions through an ear-piece to assist him with the difficult challenge of presenting and demonstrating.

But the pranksters quickly crank up the pressure as they relentlessly feed Daniel quick-fire instructions, and the whole thing ends in disaster! And Daniel is far from amused when Melissa Harding, who signed him up for the telly job, calls to tell Daniel she's booked him in for a spray tan to boost his TV presence!

Meanwhile, nurse Ayesha Lee's interview at rival surgery Sutton Vale takes an unexpected turn when a patient has an epileptic fit in Reception and she has to leap into action. Practice Manager Jeremy Smail is impressed by Ayesha's quick thinking and offers her a job with a big pay rise.

As Ayesha and her colleague Dr Sid Vere both discuss the job offers from Mr Smail, will they both be tempted to jump ship from The Mill for the bigger and brasher Sutton Vale?

Elsewhere, policeman Rob Hollins and Dr Emma Reid join forces to investigate when a young carer Juliet Radnor is accused of murdering an elderly man to get her hands on his money.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One.