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Doctors spoilers: A SHOCK allegation is made against Rob Hollins!

Doctors, Rob Hollins, David Anderston
(Image credit: BBC)

Rob finds himself at the centre of an internal police investigation after allegations he mistreated a suspect in police custody...

There's big trouble for policeman Rob Hollins when he is accused of mistreating a suspect Suzanne Anderston while in police custody.

Suzanne claims Rob roughed her up after she was apprehended and she has the bruises on her arms to back-up her story.

Doctors, David Anderston, Suzanne Anderston

It's not long before Suzanne's rich and influential husband David Anderston (played by former Bad Girls star Jack 'Jim Fenner' Ellis) starts throwing his weight around. He makes it clear he believes Suzanne's version of events and intends to see justice served!

As an internal police investigation gets underway and Rob's history with PTSD threatens to resurface, will the Letherbridge copper lose his job?

Elsewhere, Mrs Tembe accepts an invitation from vicar Gordon Clement to come and speak to a church study group. She's nervous about saying the right thing, but her surgery colleague Al Haskey tries to calm her stage fright by telling her just to be herself.

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Gordon Clement

Will Mrs Tembe's speech to a church study group end in disaster? (Picture: BBC)

But when the church study group prove to be a tough crowd, will Mrs Tembe's nerves get the better of her and cause her to disappoint Gordon too?

Meanwhile, Al finds himself having an unexpected heart-to-heart with Dr Daniel Granger about a 'patient' who is having a relationship crisis with his partner and doesn't know what to do. But Al remains unaware Daniel is really talking about his troubled marriage to Zara Carmichael, after her one-night stand with colleague Sid Vere!

Will the terrible truth come out?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One