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Doctors spoilers: The medics meet Sid Vere's parents

Doctors, Valerie Pitman, Al Haskey, Sid Vere, Ayesha Lee

Will Valerie, Al and Ayesha be on their best behaviour when they invite themselves along to Sid's parents' wedding anniversary party?

Dr Sid Vere is stressed-out over his parents' wedding anniversary party, especially now half his surgery work colleagues have invited themselves along to the fancy celebration at the family home.

As the night of the party arrives, Sid is anxious about everyone meeting his parents Estelle and Tye Vere, and equally nervous his mum is still trying to play Cupid between single Sid and family friend Gabrielle Rutter!

Doctors, Tye Vere, Estelle Vere

Sid's parents Tye and Estelle Vere celebrate their wedding anniversary. (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman feels super-awkward when she realises she is wearing the same dress as Sid's mum, Estelle!

Following on from the 'Privilege Walk' challenge earlier in the week, nurse Ayesha Lee wonders why Sid doesn't ever accept money from his family, since his parents appear to be rich? Will Ayesha start to see a different side to modest Sid?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Becky Clarke

Jimmi and Becky have a heart-to-heart at the surgery (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, back at The Mill, Jimmi Clay and Becky Clarke find themselves having an after hours heart-to-heart at the surgery.

Jimmi opens up about his OCD while Becky is worried her 'Privilege Walk' team-building exercise did more harm than good.

But when Becky starts digging for gossip on her new work colleagues, will Jimmi dish the dirt on all the scandalous goings-on at the surgery?

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