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Doctors spoilers: What is WRONG with Rob Hollins?

Doctors spoilers, Rob Hollins
(Image credit: BBC)

Rob Hollins blanks out on the job and clashes with another copper on Doctors. WHAT is the reason behind Rob's strange behaviour?

Things are a bit awkward between Rob Hollins (played by Chris Walker) and Harriet Shelton (Carley Stenson) after the other night on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings)

Harriet apologises and Rob is happy to put the situation behind them.

So it's back to business as usual at the police station.

Or is it?

Out on a job, Rob seems to temporarily blank out and Harriet has to cover for him.

Doctors spoilers, Harriet Shelton

Harriet is worried about Rob's strange behaviour on Doctors

Back at the station, Harriet and Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) both wonder what's going on with Rob.

But when asked, Rob SNAPS!

The policeman then gets into a confrontation with a fellow copper in the canteen.

Harriet is alarmed by Rob's strange behaviour.

WHAT is going on?

At the surgery, preparations are underway for Sid Vere's (Ashley Rice) final charity challenge.

He is doing it in memory of his mate Lewis who died recently.

Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) suggests to partner Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) they should take part in the final challenge.

But Zara is not keen!

Is Zara not a team player?

Doctors spoilers, Emma Reid

Things get complicated when Emma gets in the middle of some love troubles on Doctors!

Meanwhile, Emma Reid (Dido Miles) gets caught up in the personal life of Campus security guard Barry Bigalow (David Perks).

Emma wonders why Barry has been sleeping rough in his security van on Campus.

He eventually reveals he's trying to get away from his girlfriend, Becky Buckley (Samantha Robinson)!

Doctors spoilers, Becky Buckley

Security guard Becky has got boyfriend Barry running scared on Doctors!

It seems fellow security guard Becky is rather demanding with the physical side of their relationship.

And it's all a bit much for worn out Barry!

But when Emma gets in the middle of Barry's love troubles, Becky completely gets the WRONG idea.

She thinks Barry wants Emma to join them both in the bedroom.


How will Emma get herself out of this situation??

Doctors continues this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 1:45pm on BBC One