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Doctors spoilers: Will Rob Hollins die after shock events in Letherbridge?

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Sid Vere, Ayesha Lee
(Image credit: BBC)

It's not looking good for policeman Rob after a major incident in Letherbridge which puts the staff of The Mill on Code Red Alert!

It's not been long since Mrs Tembe, Dr Al Haskey and Dr Heston Carter were involved in a shock car crash, which resulted in Heston's death. But it looks like death could come calling in Letherbridge again, and this time it is policeman Rob Hollins's life on the line...

The drama starts when surgery practice manager Mrs Tembe receives an emergency phonecall about a shock incident that has just happened in Letherbridge. There could be casualties and so The Mill has been placed on Red Alert to help!

Doctors, Mrs Tembe

Mrs Tembe receives an emergency phonecall... (Picture: BBC)

As Mrs Tembe tries to rally the troops, the surgery staff are all on edge wondering what's going to happen.

But events take a terrible turn when policeman Rob Hollins stumbles into the surgery badly injured after being caught in a blast at St Phil's hospital!

Dr Jimmi Clay thinks Rob needs emergency medical care in hospital but Mrs Tembe insists they must take care of Rob in the surgery's Minor Surgery Unit. But time is running out and it's not looking good for Rob...

Doctors, Al Haskey

Al is injured and in a state of shock after a hospital blast in Letherbridge... (Picture: BBC)

However, things go from bad to even worse when Dr Al Haskey arrives with a bleeding head injury having witnessed the hospital blast!

Can the staff of The Mill work together as a team to avoid any more tragedy?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One