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Doctors spoilers: Zara receives a mysterious letter

(Image credit: BBC)

Zara is left cold by a letter that is posted through her door...

Zara is getting ready for work when she gets a letter in the post. When Zara opens the letter she is left shaken. In fact, she is left so shaken by the letter that she can't drive herself to work and gets a cab. While at work, she snaps at both Mrs Tembe and Sid! Later, Daniel suggests they take Joe out for pizza, but Zara isn't in the right frame of mind and suggests they have some father-son bonding time. What exactly was in the letter Zara received?

Meanwhile, Ayesha and Mrs Tembe are excited about the outreach bus. Heston offers to help, but Ayesha tells Mrs Tembe to reject his offer, is Ayesha getting too big for her boots?

Finally, Al is unlike his usual self. He's relaxed and happy, but maybe it's because he is expecting a special guest…