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Doctors spoilers: Zara surprises Daniel with an unexpected confession

You'd think Letherbridge GP's Zara and Daniel would know each other so well by now. But Daniel is thrown when Zara drops an unexpected bombshell!

Just for a change, Zara and Daniel are bickering, this time it's about hubby Daniel wanting to buy an expensive telescope which he claims is for their son Joe.

Zara puts her foot down about the telescope and instead wants to talk about surgery business, since the two are now the sole partners at the practice. But Zara seems distracted and when Daniel wonders what's going on, he's in for a surprise when Zara comes clean...

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Ruhma is worried about her daughter Alia's strange behaviour, especially as she was just starting to get used to the teenager dating boyfriend Tariq. Is it just exam stress, or something more bothering Alia? However, it is Ruhma's nurse colleague Penny who is the first to find out, when Alia comes to The Mill looking for her mum and reveals her shock secret to Penny!

And doctor Sid does his best to help when a patient's death leads to a shock family secret being revealed.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC 1