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Does Brendan kill Walker?

Walker unties Brendan and tells him to kill Seamus, it's either him or Cheryl and Ste - unaware they've escaped. With his life flashing before his eyes, Seamus finally apologises for all he did. Brendan is thrown, a metal bar raised above his head ready to strike. In a split second he changes his mind and disarms Walker from his gun.

Walker escapes but later Brendan follows him to the Viaduct and the pair come to blows. The Irishman lunges forward, pushing Walker towards the edge of the viaduct. As a train approaches, Brendan lets go and Walker falls under the on-coming train.

Meanwhile, Ellie is visibly on edge about the police presence in the village when she's out with Will and it's clear she's hiding something.

Ellie spots a Savage family photo at the Lad's Pad and gazes at the group, interested in the different family members.

Later, Will's world is turned upside down when he receives a call from the support worker agency. They tell him that they have no record of an Ellie Harper and he's left bewildered.