Does Shirley Carter know about Buster and Kathy?

EastEnders Kathy Sullivan Shirley Carter
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A guilt-ridden Kathy is alarmed to encounter a very angry Shirley Carter...

Buster and Kathy sneak into Beale’s to get some alone time together. Terrified he’ll lose Kathy after she gives him a reality check about their affair, Buster insists he’ll tell Shirley. Later, Kathy sees a very angry-looking Shirley and ends up giving her relationship advice. Kathy catches Buster about to end things with Shirley but warns him now is not the right time.

Ian is horrified when Steven calls him to say the restaurant has been broken into. Discovering the kitchen equipment has been stolen, Ian is despondent. When the police want to look at the security tapes, Ian is furious to discover that Kathy turned the camera away, meaning they won’t be able to claim on the insurance. He also reveals that he saw Kathy with ‘a man’!

Billy has a go at Jay for leaving the flat in a state. When Jay buys Will a new games console, Honey is suspicious. Covering for Jay, Billy insists there’s nothing dodgy going on, but he soon realises that Jay has been dealing again. After Billy kicks out Jay, Honey discovers a bag of drugs...

Also, Carmel wants to stop Masood leaving Walford but accusing him of having a midlife crisis doesn’t do the trick!



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