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Chrissie's still reeling from Sacha's betrayal and, this week, it looks like their marriage is beyond repair. Chrissie returns to Holby, after spending the night at Michael's, still furious that Sacha kept her in the dark over Daniel's heart condition so that their son could provide bone marrow to save his daughter Rachel.

Chrissie's put out to find Sacha with ex-wife Helen at Rachel's bedside, as she wants to talk to him alone. Sacha's relieved both Daniel and Rachel are fine and tries to reassure Chrissie they did the right thing but, as he touches her, Chrissie shrugs him off. Chrissie asks if he really thought she'd never find out - Sacha says he just didn't think!

Desperate to get through to Chrissie, Sacha asks Mo to talk to her about Daniel's condition on his behalf in the hope she'll forgive him. Mo says no, but Sacha pleads. When Mo talks to Chrissie about Daniel, she soon realises Sacha's behind it and storms off. Later, Chrissie tells Sacha she's going to visit her father in Australia, she needs time to think. As Chrissie leaves in a taxi, Sacha breaks down - is their marriage over?

Meanwhile, Ollie is adamant he's fit to work but when his erratic behaviour endangers a patient's life, Gemma has to step in. Will he let her take the fall?

And Arthur's patient gives him some life advice, but will he 'grab the bull by the whatsits' and tell Chantelle how he really feels?

Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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