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Earth’s Tropical Islands – BBC2

Lemur Earth's Tropical Islands
(Image credit: BBC/Sébastien Meys)

BBC2’s new three-part documentary series Earth’s Tropical Islands explores the world’s most exotic and remote islands, starting with Madagascar

Escape our cold, dark winter and enjoy a glimpse of the world’s most colourful and amazing islands in BBC2’s new three-part documentary series, Earth’s Tropical Islands, narrated by actor David Harewood.

First up is Madagascar in the Indian Ocean – the oldest island on Earth and home to more than 15,000 species found nowhere else in the world.

Rice fields Earth's Tropical Islands

Women and their daughters work in rice fields in Madagascar, as seen in BBC2’s Earth’s Tropical Islands

Follow a family of ring-tailed lemurs as they hunt for food, learn about the amazing baobab tree and discover what impact humankind is having on the island.

Continues tomorrow and Friday with orang-utans and sun bears in Borneo and albatross and whales in Hawaii, the most remote island chain in the world.

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TV Times rating: ****