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EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon is stunned by Hayley's huge decision!

Alfie goes round to the Ahmeds'
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Alfie begs Hayley not to make a huge mistake, Jean is left terrified after she's targeted in the street, and Stacey makes a shocking discovery about Ruby.

Alfie is left feeling rattled when the Slater household voice their concerns over Hayley moving in with the Ahmeds. Determined to make sure questions aren’t asked, Alfie resolves to sort things out with Hayley and bring her home.

When he arrives at the Ahmeds’ he’s stunned when Hayley confesses that he wants to give up baby Cherry. Desperate to convince her not to give up their child, Alfie is left disheartened when Hayley refuses to change her mind. Jean thinks Hayley just needs some space. Can Alfie win Hayley round?

EastEnders Jean Slater is mugged by a thief

A thief tries to steal Jean's bag

Jean is out and about in the Square and is terrified when a thief tries to mug her for her bag. She’s grateful when Ian comes to her rescue and sends the thief packing. After the incident, Ian has had boost a self-confidence and at choir practice he stands up to the tyrannical choir leader Morag. When Morag storms out a triumphant Ian nominates himself to take her place!

Martin is doing his best to make things up to Stacey over the Ruby situation. But Stacey refuses to let him off just yet. How can he get her to forgive him? Later, Stacey drops some Christmas presents round to Ruby but she is shocked by what she finds…