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EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale fights for his life as Peter Beale returns!

(Image credit: BBC)

Bobby Beale is hospitalised after being targeted by a gang, Peter Beale is back in Walford and Jack Branning has a punch up with brother Max Branning

Bobby Beale is left in a critical condition after taking a beating - and his brother Peter Beale rushes to his side in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Peter Beale in EastEnders

Peter Beale arrives at the hospital to see brother Bobby Beale

As the day of the Queen Vic boat party continues, Bobby Beale confides in Iqra Ahmed and Habiba Ahmed about being bullied online. Things soon take a dark turn when a gang of thugs recognise Bobby and throw insults about his religion.

When Iqra and Habiba are dragged into the situation, Bobby tries to defend them. The menacing thugs beat up Bobby and leave him for dead.

Bobby Beale needs emergency surgery...

After being rushed to hospital, Bobby needs emergency surgery. When his dad Ian Beale and nan Kathy Beale find out they rush to be with him.

Dotty tells Bex who's behind the bullying in Eastenders.

Bex Fowler makes a shocking discovery from Dotty Cotton

Bex Fowler has witnessed Bobby’s beating and is left shaken. When she meets up with Dotty Cotton she’s stunned to find out who is behind Bobby’s online bullying. Realising that she needs to tell Ian, Bex texts him with the truth. When Ian gets the text he leaves Kathy waiting in the hospital to take revenge on the culprit.

But there’s further drama for the Beales as Kathy waits for news on Bobby. She gets a worrying call from son Ben Mitchell and needs to get to him fast! Kathy calls Bobby’s brother Peter Beale to wait with Bobby in the hospital and he returns to Walford after five years away.

Meanwhile, at the Queen Vic boat party, Ian is on a mission to find the person who’s been harassing Bobby. He confesses what’s been going on to Denise Fox as disaster strikes on the boat…

Denise Fox and Jack Branning are enjoying the celebrations on the boat. But Denise is concerned that Jack’s not being honest with his brother Max Branning.

She suggests that Jack confess to Max that he’s been helping Max’s daughter Lauren Branning following her split from Peter Beale. After Jack makes the shock revelation, Max is furious that Jack didn’t tell him before. After the brothers get involved in a huge row, Jack punches Max!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm