EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale is kicked out by Max Branning!

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Bobby Beale is under pressure, Louise Mitchell tries to help out Bex Fowler and Linda Carter has school nerves for son Ollie Carter.

Bobby Beale is confronted by his grandmother Kathy Beale, who has just discovered that he’s moved in with Max Branning in EastEnders. She begs her grandson to return home to the Beales’ but Bobby is evasive.

When he gets a text from his mate, Imran, he heads off to find Max. He asks Max if Imran can move in too. When Max’s brother Jack Branning overhears the two talking he is furious and insists that he’s not having killer Bobby staying in their house, let alone his mate!

Max feels guilt ridden when a crushed Bobby heads back to the Beales’. Kathy finds Bobby at home and is concerned by his uneasiness. Still having hallucinations of his murdered sister Lucy Beale, Bobby is wracked with anxiety, but he keeps the hallucinations to himself. When Kathy tries to help Bobby but instead gets his back up, she is at a loss over how to help and her troubled grandson storms out…

EastEnders Louise tries to support Bex in Eastenders

Louise wants to support her stressed out friend Bex (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Bex Fowler is really feeling the pressure about going to university and to distract herself from the stress she offers to help out dad Martin Fowler on his stall. When her uncle Robbie Jackson joins her on the stall, however, things don’t go to plan. Bex’s best mate Louise Mitchell realises that she’s not herself and she comes up with a plan to help her feel better.

EastEnders Ollie meets his new teacher in Eastenders

Linda takes Ollie to meet his new teacher. (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Linda Carter is nervous as she prepares to take young son Ollie Carter to his new school. Matters aren’t helped when fellow mum Chantelle Atkins warns Linda that the other mums at the school can be hard work. After taking Ollie to the school, she can see what Chantelle means, as the other mothers are hostile.

Also, Gray Atkins gets hold of wife Chantelle’s phone. Mel Owen is left penniless and unable to pay for son Hunter Owen’s funeral when Phil Mitchell stops her accessing the E20’s accounts.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm

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