EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway in stabbing shock!

Callum Highway visits the Slaters in EastEnders
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Callum Highway is plunged into a terrifying situation, Vi Highway continues to wind up Rainie Highway and Ruby Fowler makes a clever move.

Callum Highway is faced by an armed assailant in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8.05 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Callum Highway is torn when husband Ben Mitchell asks him to quit his job in the police, pointing out that it causes too much tension between them.

Despite telling Ben he’ll think about it, Callum is reluctant to give up the job he loves.

Callum Highway and Fitzy investigate a crime in EastEnders

Callum Highway and Fitzy pay Kat Slater a visit not realising they're soon to face danger! (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

When two police turn up at the Slater house, Phil Mitchell assumes that Callum has been dishing the dirt on him. It soon becomes clear, however, that they’re there to see Phil’s girlfriend Kat Slater.

Kat tells Phil that she was mugged (opens in new tab) and can’t believe he didn’t take notice when she told him. After a fuming Kat chucks him out, Phil is given food for thought and he later apologises to Kat for not paying her more attention.

In a bid to make things better he tells her he has a proposition for her… He’s discovered that the launderette is up for lease and he thinks they should go in together to run it as a business.

Meanwhile, Kat’s mugger is still on the loose, despite her giving a thorough description of him to the police.

When Callum and fellow copper Fitzy see a man fitting the description, they give chase.

But the pursuit ends in horror when, desperate to escape being nicked, the mugger pulls out a knife and stabs Fitzy…

Vi Highway hasn’t improved her opinion of grandson Stuart Highway’s wife Rainie Highway and she’s sniffy about Rainie’s co-parenting set up with Max Branning. Wanting to win his nan over, Stuart thinks he and Rainie should tell her about their surrogacy plan but Rainie refuses.

Vi, Callum and Stuart's mum, arrives in EastEnders

Vi Highway has never taken to grandson Stuart Highway's wife Rainie!

As Vi continues to make digs, Rainie’s patience is tested to the limit and she tells her hubby that he needs to find a way to get his gran out of the house.

In the Vic, Vi chats to Stuart, admitting she knows that Rainie hasn’t warmed to her. When she learns a bit more about Rainie’s very chequered past, she is surprised. 

Stuart is about to tell Vi that she needs to find her own place to live, when Vi interrupts him. She’s spotted Honey Mitchell and it’s given her an idea…

Ruby Fowler is frustrated when her husband Martin Fowler shares his worries that his stepson Arthur Fowler is missing his sister Lily Slater. Ever since Lily went to live with her gran Jean Slater, Arthur has been sad.

Lily Slater EastEnders

Lily Slater has always had little love for her step mum Ruby!Fowler

Ruby insists that they can’t let Lily manipulate them and she should stay where she is if she’s happy. Despite Ruby’s warning, Martin asks Lily to move back home with them but Lily stands her ground.

After hearing Lola Pearce on the phone to her daughter Lexi Pearce, Ruby has a thought. She explains to Lola how much she’s struggling to parent Lily and asks her if she has any tips.

Taking on board Lola’s advice, Ruby has a word with Lily, striking a deal with her to get her to move back home. Her plan has worked.

Meanwhile, Isaac Baptiste’s behaviour continues to concern girlfriend Lola, as he’s distracted and snappy. When she confronts him about his mood, he insists he’s stressing about his students at the school.

Isaac suddenly has a complete change of attitude and cheerfully suggests to Lola they go out for drinks.

Although Isaac is refusing to admit that his odd mood could be anything to do with him not taking his meds, Lola has noticed the small changes and worries that something’s not right.

EastEnders continues with a special hour-long episode on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.35 pm.

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