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EastEnders spoilers: Carmel Kazemi refuses to deal with Shakil's funeral

EastEnders - Carmel Kazemi
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Carmel clashes with Hayley over her reaction to Shakil’s tragic death and Rainie takes revenge on Donna for disrespecting her.

Carmel worries Kush and Denise when she refuses to have any involvement in plans for Shakil’s funeral. Instead, she throws herself into organising another Youth Club event. Carmel overhears Hayley having a go about her and she confronts her. Can they sort things out?

Max makes it clear to Rainie that they have to focus on getting back baby Abi and they haven’t got time for any dramas between them. Stacey advises Max when he talks to her about his situation. Meanwhile, Donna is horrified when she learns that Martin and Stacey have given Max a reference to help with his case to get baby Abi. Fuming, Donna confronts Rainie and accuses her of not being able to look after a child.

A furious Rainie gets revenge on Donna by hiding stolen cigarettes on her stall then reporting her. When Lister finds the cigarettes, Donna realises she’s been set up and angrily confronts Rainie. Max stands up for Rainie and tells Donna where to go. As soon as Donna leaves, however, Max turns on Rainie, accusing her of putting their case in jeopardy. He tells Rainie that she won’t get a penny if she makes another mistake.

Also, Hayley sneakily continues to use Charlie’s cab despite Jean’s ban.

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