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EastEnders spoilers: Honey Mitchell fears her secret is OUT?

Honey Mitchell and Mitch Baker with Bailey Baker in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Honey Mitchell has a nasty surprise on a date with Mitch Baker, Ben Mitchell has a nice surprise at the pageant and Vinny Panesar has a shocking surprise!

Honey Mitchell finds it increasingly hard to keep her eating disorder quiet in the first of Friday’s episodes of EastEnders (opens in new tab) (8 pm, see our TV Guide (opens in new tab) for full listings).

Honey Mitchell has a date with Mitch Baker in EastEnders

Honey Mitchell agrees to a date with Mitch Baker

Honey Mitchell is surprised when Mitch Baker asks her out on a date, after Karen Taylor and Bailey Baker tease a single Mitch that he’s losing his touch with the ladies. With Honey’s ex Billy Mitchell taking Karen to the beauty pageant, Honey agrees to the date.

In the restaurant, Honey feels embarrassed when Mitch questions her over her food order when she insists she just wants a plain salad and the date soon goes downhill. Not realising that Honey has an eating disorder, Mitch has some harsh words to say about her when Bailey and Bernadette Taylor ask Mitch how the date went. A mortified Honey has overheard. Will they work out what’s really going on with her?

Lexi Pearce is in the pageant in EastEnders

Lexi Pearce puts on a show for dad Ben Mitchell in the beauty pageant (Image credit: Jack Barnes)

Meanwhile, the beauty pageant is all set to start and Ben Mitchell takes sister Louise Mitchell and her baby daughter Peggy to the beauty pageant. Ben’s daughter Lexi Pearce is in the competition and as the acts get under way a proud Ben is delighted when little Lexi performs a dance dedicated to her daddy.

Billy Mitchell’s daughter Janet takes the stage and wows the judges with her performance. Billy and Honey join their daughter on stage but things are on shaky ground between Honey and Billy… What has happened?

Vinny Panesar teams up with Keegan Baker in his sandwich delivery business. But he’s shocked to find out that his sister Ash Panesar’s girlfriend Iqra Ahmed has a stake in the business too!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 9 pm.

Rachel Lucas
Rachel Lucas

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