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EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon betrays Hayley Slater!

EastEnders Kat Moon Hayley Slater
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Hayley Slater's furious when Kat goes behind her back, Keanu and Sharon are spotted in a clinch, and Carmel is given some disturbing home truths.

Jean tries to support Hayley Slater after her recent scare and asks the family for some cash towards things for the baby. When a social worker turns up unannounced to talk to Hayley about her actions the previous week, Hayley is furious. Going into defensive mode, Hayley refuses to accept help will she open up?

Thinking Jean called in social services, Hayley has a go at her. Kat and Stacey break up their row. After calming things down, Hayley realises that Kat was the one who called the social on her. Kat stands by her decision but she tries to make things right. Haley has no patience with Kat and a few home truths are shared before they end up in a huge argument!

Karen sees Keanu and Sharon kiss

Karen Taylor sees Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell kissing

Keanu is relieved when he’s reassured that Phil knows nothing about his affair with Sharon. Despite their secret being safe, Sharon insists that they can’t risk being seen in public together. When Linda wants to talk to Sharon, however, she’s alarmed to learn that Phil has been in touch… Despite her best intentions, Sharon can’t resist Keanu and slips out to meet him. As Karen leaves the Vic, however, she spies the pair snogging in the alleyway!

Carmel holds a talk at the Youth Centre on knife crime. But things soon go downhill when she accidentally embarrasses one of the teens, Lewis. He storms out, causing Carmel to race after him. Carmel is taking aback when Lewis tells it like it is. And she is stunned.

EastEnders continues on Tuesday on BBC1