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EastEnders spoilers: Kat Moon makes a HORRIFYING discovery!

The Panesar brothers have some shocking news for Kat Moon in EastEnders

Kat Moon is worried about her future, Jack Branning is in deadly danger, from Phil Mitchell and Mick Carter recieves a surprising offer.

There’s a terrible shock in store for Kat Moon and the Slater family in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

When the Panesar brothers turn up at the Slaters’, Kat Moon is horrified to learn that they are buying their house!

After questioning Mo Harris, Kat is fuming to discover that Mo got loads of letters about the sale but she ignored them. The news sends an already fragile Jean Slater into a tailspin and she’s too ill to go to the hospital to see her friend.

Kat’s boyfriend Kush Kazemi feels bad for Jean and offers to go in her place. But will he get a surprise when he arrives there?

Phil goes to extreme lengths to show he’s not to be messed with in EastEnders

Phil goes to extreme lengths to show he’s not to be messed with

Meanwhile, Phil Mitchell goes to extreme lengths to prove to Jack Branning that no one messes with a Mitchell. Is Jack in terrible danger?

Mick Carter and Mitch Baker are at a loss over what to do for an alternative Nativity Play. Matters aren’t helped when Denise Fox and Gray Atkins seriously doubt whether Mitch will be any help to Mick at all!

There’s relief all round when Mitch’s daughter Bailey reveals that she entered a Christmas story competition. After making demands over the rights to her story, Bailey is delighted when solicitor Gray arranges a contract for her!

Mick’s pleased that he can go ahead with the play and he invites the other school mums to the performance. What will they say and will Mick be shocked by their response?

Billy Mitchell despairs when Karen Taylor manages to bring the usual Taylor chaos to his house. When she suggests that his daughter Janet Mitchell enter a beauty pageant with Lola Pearce’s daughter Lexi Pearce, Janet’s mum Honey Mitchell is concerned. Realising pretty soon that no one is taking into account her opinion, Honey is annoyed. But a confrontation with Karen only ends up leaving sensitive Honey upset by Karen’s words.

Also, Sonia Fowler opens up to Tina Carter about her ex Martin Fowler. Callum Highway struggles to come up with present ideas for boyfriend Ben Mitchell.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm

Rachel Lucas
Rachel Lucas

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