EastEnders spoilers: Kush Kazemi decides to fight for his son

EastEnders Kush Kazemi and Kat Moon
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Kush makes a decision about custody of little Arthur, Lola regrets her drunken revelation, and Ben wants rid of Billy for good.

Kat’s annoyed that Kush has been ignoring her calls and heads to the hospital for Jean’s appointment in a bid to avoid him. When Kush turns up and apologises for ignoring her, Kat plays it cool but eventually he talks her round.

Kush opens up about his grief over Shakil and he’s touched when Kat later brings Arthur round to spend time with his daddy. The past few days has given Kush time to think about what’s important and he reveals he wants official joint custody of his son.

Lola is nursing a hangover after her night of heavy drinking. A concerned Billy wants to know more about her claim that Ben is plotting against Phil. Insisting it was drunken nonsense, Lola refuses to tell Billy anything else. Ben’s worried when he can’t get hold of Lola to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. Ben’s day gets even worse when Phil gives him his cut of the money and tells him he doesn’t want him to be involved in any future business deals.

When Ben finally catches up with Lola he tries to reassure her that he’s only trying to protect her. Billy wonders whether to tell Phil about Lola’s claim, but a bit of advice from Tina makes him rethink his tactics. He tells Phil the truth but keeps Lola’s name out of it. When Ben arrives and is confronted by Phil he plays innocent but Phil isn’t convinced. Later, Ben tries to get Billy onside but he warns him to keep Lola out of it. Determined to go ahead with his plan, Ben plots to get Billy out of the picture for good…

EastEnders Keegan Baker, Tiffany Butcher and Bailey Baker

Keegan and Tiffany cheer up Bailey

Also, Bex confesses to Louise that she’s fallen for Kush. Tiffany and Keegan spend time with Bailey. Rainie causes trouble for Stuart.

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30 pm

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