EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter makes her move on Stuart!

EastEnders Linda Carter with Stuart Highway
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Linda takes desperate measures to out Stuart's lies, Alfie wants the perfect Albert Square Christmas, and Louise talks Keanu into another driving lesson.

Linda gets ready to open the Santa’s Grotto in The Vic, with a delighted Stuart wearing Mick’s Santa costume. When Whitney chats to Linda and points out how much Ollie is missing Mick, Linda feels guilty. Later, Tina and Shirley reveal that they tried to visit Mick in prison but he refused their request.

Struggling to hide her upset, Linda keeps herself out of the way. Shirley warns her to get a confession from Stuart by the end of the week or they’re doing things her way! Sensing that Linda’s out of sorts, Stuart checks that she’s okay. Linda covers and, determined to honey trap a confession from Stuart, Linda allows things to develop into a kiss. But can she go through with it?

EastEnders Alfie Moon with Stacey Fowler

Alfie calls a house meeting about Christmas

Alfie wants the perfect Christmas now he’s back in Albert Square and he hands out jobs for the Slaters to crack on with. Jean is feeling the pinch and warns Alfie that they can’t live like this for long. Alfie insists to Hayley that he wants to help with the baby. He comes up with an idea to tackle the overcrowding at the Slaters’ after talking to Ian. When Martin agrees to swap rooms with Alfie and Kat, Alfie reveals his grand plan. Will the family go along with it?

EastEnders Keanu Taylor with Louise Mitchell

Keanu gives Louise a driving lesson

Also, Ian congratulates Jean when she’s chosen to do the solo for the choir. Meanwhile, Keanu agrees to giving Louise another driving lesson, and Tiff reluctantly agrees to do another job for Evie.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday

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